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Care after Tongue Tie Release (Frenulotomy)

What to do if bleeding starts again later when you are on your own:

Step 1:  First calm your baby by feeding as this helps stop any bleeding. If this fails and the bleeding does not stop within 15 minutes then move onto Step 2.

Step 2: Apply pressure to the wound under the tongue with one finger using a clean piece of gauze or muslin for 5 minutes. Do not apply pressure under the baby chin because this can affect breathing. If this still doesn't stop then move onto Step 3.

Step 3: Please take your baby to the nearest Emergency department either by calling an ambulance, or if quicker, being driven whilst you maintain the pressure on the wound. On this rare occurrence, please remember to take your babys persona child record and any other documentation you have been given by your tongue tie practitioner which may include the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners Prolonged Bleeding Protocol.

(Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners 2018)

Wound healing

Following Tongue tie release there may be a diamond shaped wound under the tongue. This will heal up by itself and be pink in colour to begin with. Over the first few days it is normal for the would to look white or yellow and, if your baby is jaundiced, it might even look a bright yellow/orange colour. The size of the wound will reduce and then disappear over the next 7-14 days.

It is advisable to take extra care to thoroughly sterilise any feeding equipment being used to reduce the chance of infection.

(Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners 2018)

When to be concerned

if your babies wound looks swollen, red and inflamed or if your baby develops a high temperature, reluctance to feed, is sleepy or irritable please make an urgent appointment with your general practitioner or speak with your out of hours service on 111 as, although very unlikely, your baby may require antibiotics. If you have any questions about the wound healing please contact Hannah to discuss and / or email an image of the wound.

(Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners 2018)

Further bleeding

Hannah will check your baby's wound after the first feed to ensure all bleeidn has stopped. If your baby vomits after the procedure you may notice some pinkness in the milk / vomit. Similarly, you may notice a small streak of blackness in your baby stool later on due to a small amount of blood that has been swallowed with the first feed after the procedure.

(Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners 2018)

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